ASK THE EXPERT | Twisted Top Knot

Bummed that this is the last of my Mom-inspired DIY hairstyles as part of TRESemmé’s Throwback Thursday series, but happy to go out on top (knot)!  I had a blast modeling my Mother’s bouffant and breezy boat blown waves, and was excited to see the topknot was also part of her hair repertoire. I love the that this look re-emerged on the runways, trickled down onto the red carpet, and then was quickly adopted as an everyday, go-to style.  We decided to put a twist (literally) on the basic topknot to add a little style and also give it a little extra support to sit high all day.
BTW how dork-tastic is my older sista and bro in the pic with my Ma, cute pup too!

Steps and products after the break!


-Prep your hair using Thermal Creations Volume Boosting Mousse, which will add flexible fullness to your hair while protecting it from any damages caused from heat styling.
-Blow dry your hair with a round barrel brush, without making it sleek straight. We want some texture and waves in this look!
-Part your hair halfway into a tight ponytail on the top of your head and secure with an elastic. Create a second ponytail with the remaining hair next to the existing ponytail (I have ALOT of hair, so divided into three ponytails)
-Divide two separate sections of one ponytail and begin twisting the two strands. Secure with an elastic at the end.
-Repeat with the other ponytail, twisting two divided sections. Tip! You may need a helping hand to hold the first twisted ponytail, or use a clip to hold it in place while you twist your second ponytail.
-Take the two twisted ponytails and continue to twist and wrap around the base of the ponytail, forming a texturized top knot!
-Bobby pin the base to secure them in place. I finished the look off by spraying TRES Two Extra Hold Hairspray to set the bun in place all day – I love it because it won’t ever feel stiff or sticky!

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