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Patience have never been a strong suit of mine, so while waiting for my Etsy purchases, I had to whip up a few necklaces to wear asap. I am back home in Wisconsin for the week, and my first stop is always Hobby Lobby. After wandering the aisle for longer then I care to share (craft-overload) I bought the above supplies and made the below jewelry… all for less then $20. 

First up, weaving a chain onto a friendship bracelet. I know this DIY is so last year, but I love it for summer and wanted to add one to my wrist o’ bracelets. 

Next up, I dismantled the charms and added to a necklace chain to created my beloved shape necklaces. I was stoked to find these mixed metal interlocking circles, and after cutting away the larger circles the smaller were perfect for a necklace. Same for the chevron charm, which created a bunch of jewelry once taken apart. Oh so happy to be layered in DIY! 

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  1. Amazing amazing ;)))

  2. Easy and chic. Just fantastic ^^

    ❤✿❁✿ Blog-Monas de Seda✿❁✿❤

  3. Marta says:

    Intersting post! The braclets and necklaces are really cute!


  4. love your jewellery diy’s i must start doing more this summer, your blog is such an inspiration! xx

  5. Liana says:

    Absolutely brilliant wow, can’t believe you did all those gorgeous jewellery for less than $20!! <33 They look AMAZING, bravo! So inspiring! <333}

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  6. Carly says:

    i really love this, it looks great!

    FashionProject x

  7. Stephanie X says:

    great bracelet i want to try it.
    xx Stephanie (www.stephaniesstyleblog.blogspot.com)

  8. Lys says:

    Such a clever DIY!

  9. Thank you! I’ve always wanted to put a chain onto a friendship bracelet, but I’ve never gotten around to do it. Horray for last year.:)


  10. Martina says:

    They look great – I must try making my own jewelry 🙂



  11. Janine Maral says:

    this is so easy and clever! i think i want to try it out soon..

    – Janine

  12. Steph says:

    This pretty much just blew my mind. I have never made jewelry before but this makes me want to try! 🙂

  13. This is a great idea. You’re so creative. Thanks for sharing! 😀

    Check this out!

  14. Arlene says:

    Makes me want to run to the craft store now! So cute 🙂


  15. Anonymous says:

    Love these. Great diy. Creative.

  16. Melissa says:

    Those are all amazing! I don’t know how you just walk through the store and pick up those few things and come up with such great stuff! Totally jealous!

  17. AH the interlocking circles! You rock girl, it looks awesome. Love the little chevron pattern too 🙂

    Alex from http://www.polkadottedpixels.com

  18. Really great. I love the idea of taking apart the charms, I’ll have to remember that.

  19. Nice! I don’t think we have a Hobby Lobby around here, though, and the closest Michael’s store is gone because the building’s owner didn’t want to renew their lease! I’ll have to see if I can find some supplies like this at Joann’s.

  20. cleartheway says:

    Genius! I love this.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  21. Love Style says:

    love it!


  22. inka.wtkyn says:

    I admire your ideas! your bracelet looks stunning 😉

  23. Kacie Cone says:

    Those necklaces are so cool I love it!

  24. Ana G says:

    Great! i am definitly going to try it. Thank you!

  25. Christina says:

    Fabulous! Great DIY.

  26. Pegs says:

    You are so creative! I love all things DIY–lately I’ve been fiddling with wire jewelry, hopefully it’ll be up on my blog soon. Feel free to check it out at http://www.sellitnowny.com/agirlandabun ! 🙂

  27. I just love DIY jewellery and also try to make some. Necklaces and bracelets both are really amazing and I would try the bracelet it is very beautiful.

  28. Love these ideas! Nice 🙂

  29. Hola,me llamo Carmen y me encanta la moda por ello e creado mi propio blog http://miescueladetacones.blogspot.com.es/ espero que te guste y comentes,unbesazo

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