QUICK DIY | Layered Necklaces & Bracelets

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Patience have never been a strong suit of mine, so while waiting for my Etsy purchases, I had to whip up a few necklaces to wear asap. I am back home in Wisconsin for the week, and my first stop is always Hobby Lobby. After wandering the aisle for longer then I care to share (craft-overload) I bought the above supplies and made the below jewelry… all for less then $20. 

First up, weaving a chain onto a friendship bracelet. I know this DIY is so last year, but I love it for summer and wanted to add one to my wrist o’ bracelets. 

Next up, I dismantled the charms and added to a necklace chain to created my beloved shape necklaces. I was stoked to find these mixed metal interlocking circles, and after cutting away the larger circles the smaller were perfect for a necklace. Same for the chevron charm, which created a bunch of jewelry once taken apart. Oh so happy to be layered in DIY! 

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