1. at / least says:

    Such a cute idea! A “water me” reminder wouldn’t be the worst for my plants 😀


  2. Yulia Havron says:

    Looks awesome! I am just wondering if you can find the chalk paint of any another colors, if this DIY project is limited to white and black color gamma?

    my DIY blog http://www.selfash.me

    1. Hi! you can find the chalk paint in different colors. I bought it in cassis color (kind of pink)

    2. Yes! I saw a bunch of colors at Home Depot

    3. Yulia Havron says:

      Great! Thank you for replies!

  3. Eva Leek says:

    How Cute! I’m definitely going to make this!

  4. Ellielove says:

    I think I can go to try, is great

  5. Carolinea says:

    Ahhh love it! And I bet that my cactus would love it too. 😀

  6. Rachelle says:

    That is so cute and fun to do.


  7. Great idea!! I’ve already got so many different styles for my pots and this would be a perfect addition 🙂

    Xoxo Cent4urThoughts

  8. sashkonela says:

    Great idea! Especially with that reminder 🙂

  9. Ye Jades says:


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  10. Anonymous says:

    This is such a fun project for kids. Succulents are so easy to take care of.

  11. Beautiful!!!
    Lo intentaré

  12. Vitalija says:

    I was thinking about this, bu i wouldn’t decide what to write 🙂 but great idea

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  13. Cute idea! I pinned it!

  14. Justine J says:

    It’s amazing how such little thing can make a change. It looks amazing! 🙂

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM

  15. Oh I love these! Super cute 🙂 They would make great little gifts.

    Alex from http://www.polkadottedpixels.com

    1. You are so right! I just gave one as a gift 🙂

  16. Kacie Cone says:

    SO cute! I want to try this!

  17. Sanne Jorna says:

    That is just so cute! I really love this. Tomorrow I’m going to buy some paint and try it myself. Thank you!

    xoxo, Sanne


  18. Izzi says:

    Aw this is such a cute idea! Might have to look online to see where I can buy chalkboard paint though, we don’t have a Home Depot in the UK! 🙁

    A beauty, food and life blog by Izzi

  19. Anonymous says:

    Cute idea. I would use bigger cups. Love it .

  20. Hannah Marr says:

    these are so cute i have to do this ASAP!! love your blog!! xo


  21. Janine Maral says:

    that is too cool.
    i want to try this out!

    – Janine

  22. This is such a cute and creative idea! Great job 🙂


  23. This is such a cute idea!

  24. Anonymous says:

    I love plants that need watering once a month. Great idea.

  25. This is fun to do. I remembered my first school project which is almost similar to this chalkboard flower pot. Anyway, this is a great idea. I would like to try it. 🙂

    Check this out!

  26. cleartheway says:

    Super cute. I love the “Water ME!”

    Kate from Clear the Way

  27. Anne says:

    I can’t find chalkboard paint in our country. *sob* But still I love this idea!

    Anne’s Scribbles and Doodles

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  29. asixa324 says:

    great ! i will do this 😉

  30. Ashley says:

    I can’t wait to move so we can get some succulents in our place 🙂 I love this idea!

    xo Ashley

  31. bumblespeaks says:

    as usual, you have inspired me to get my DIY on! 🙂
    Bumble’s Blog

  32. Yasmine says:

    Hi! I would love to try this DIY, and have a quick question — do these flowerpots (or any others that I would like to paint over) require a coat of primer before painting with chalkboard paint or any other type of paint? Thanks so much for the help, and for the lovely DIY idea as I’m starting to get my patio together for summer! =)

  33. Cool! This is awesome! Looks fun to do and also boosts your creativity. Is there also a color blue chalkboard paint?

  34. Mr. SEO Guy says:

    Brilliant! These pots are very cute and they will definitely look cute on my porch too. Nice nice, I love it!

  35. Sheryl says:

    Wow! This is a great idea for party favors. Thank you for sharing this creative artwork.

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