MY OUTFIT | Varsity Blues


Somehow summer has slipped away and September has officially brought on my back to school blues. The upside: even though my high school days are far in the past, the varsity trend got me stoked for sweatshirts, T-shirts, Converses and all things comfortable. I got a jumpstart on the style by personalizing my snap-up with an iron-on initial, I added hues of blue with my denim skirt, a Hanes Live Love Color Tee, and leather baseball cap. I have to say, there are mega perks to a trend that encourages coziness, and shades of blue keep me calm, cool and collected… 

The color I’m sporting underneath, however, is what I like to have some fun with. A pair of yellow polka dotted boy shorts or a bright magenta jersey bra can make all the difference in my mood for the day. So what #undercovercolor are you wearing today? If you’re like most of the world (thanks Hanes for asking!) – you are probably wearing blue, or if it is a Wednesday, pink! Hopefully it is something colorful and comfortable, I swear it will brighten your day. Tweet me your looks with the hashtag #undercovercolor and for more on what your color says about you, head to
MY OUTFIT | Forever 21 Jacket, Coach Bag, Hanes Jersey Bra, Westward Leaning Sunglasses, Frends headphones 

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