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Some days you just need a little more fun in your life, right!? Things I love: Tiny things. Emojis. And parties… And so the Mini Emoji Piñata was created! These guys are too fun, almost too fun to break open. They would would be the best birthday party favors, right?  The toughest part will be picking the perfect emoji for each of your guests. Steps and supplies after the break…


What you need:
Tissue Paper
Scotch™ Utility Knife
Scotch® Quick Drying Adhesive
Scotch® Magic™ Tape
Scotch® Double Sided Tape

Note: Follow all Scotch® Brand package instructions for proper application and approved surfaces.

What you do:
Step 1: Cut two circles that are the same size out of cardboard, then cut a strip of cardboard that is slightly smaller than the circumference of the circles.
Step 2: Apply glue to the edge of the cardboard strip and attach it to the flat side of a circle, let dry.
Step 3: Before you repeat this step again on the other side, fill the base of your piñata with candy.
Step 4: Once both circles have been glued to the cardboard strip, tape a piece of string to the top. This will be what you hang the piñata from.
Step 5: Next, take a sheet of yellow tissue paper and begin to cut long strips. Once your strips are cut, add fringes to the base of them with little cuts.
Step 6: Cover the entire front circle of the piñata with Scotch® Double Sided Tape. Then, from the bottom up, begin overlapping your tissue paper strips to the tape making sure that the fringes are hanging down.
Step 7: Once an entire side is covered, trim any excess tissue paper off that might be hanging over the edges.
Step 8: On the other side of the piñata, cover it with Scotch® Double Sided Tape and strips of paper, like you did on the previous side, and trim the excess.
Step 9: To cover the cardboard strip in the middle of the piñata, apply Scotch® Double Sided Tape to the outside edges of the circles and cover with tissue paper strips. Carefully trim any extra fringes off.
Step 10: Cut your favorite emoji faces out of colored tissue paper and attach them using small pieces of Double Sided Stick Tape. Now you’re ready for a fiesta with your emoji piñatas!

This post has been made in collaboration in Scotch Brand, thank you for supporting my amazing sponsors who make I SPY DIY possible!




  1. Nice detail for a lovely party! Happy thursday and weekend!!!

  2. Pippa Clark says:

    Very cute! I’ll make one for my nephew, she’ll love it!

  3. Canface says:

    Never even though of this! I love how original your ideas are!

    1. Canface says:


  4. Carla says:

    This is a super fun idea to do with my little ones, maybe in their favorite characters!

  5. elle says:

    This is an amazing idea!
    It will be totally popular at parties.

  6. Paige says:

    These pinatas are adorable! So perfect for any tech lover!


  7. Little Chica says:

    I love this idea!! I’m definitely doing it 🙂 LC x

  8. Carrie says:

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  9. Stacy says:

    I like this idea! It looks funny!

    Stacy from

  10. sherry says:

    So cute and clever!!!

  11. ingridesign says:

    Love these, so cute!

  12. Yukiko says:

    Neat idea!
    I would love to try making this!

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