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My shape shelves are up and I love how they turned out! I’ve seen quite a few tutorials online, but I wanted to create a simple version that minimized the amount of power tool needed. Strong enough to hold a few potted plants, and my DIY light bulb light. After a trip to the hardware store with my bro-in-law, I had him cut down all the wood to 8″ pieces with a 30 degree angle on each end, then the rest of the assembly was easy peasy. Added bonus, we were able to create 5 hexagons for under $20! Score! Step and supplies after the break…

Want to skip the construction?! Stop by Darby Smart to by a pre-made triangle shelf that you can customize!  

ispydiy_shapeshelves_steps copy

What you need: 
1in x 4in or 6in x 6ft wood
Miter saw
Wood Glue
Staple gun
Minwax Wood Finish- Natural
Sponge brush
Yellow acrylic paint

What to do: 
STEP 1: First, set your minder saw to 30 degree, and cut six 8″ peices of wood, making sure that the cuts on both sizes are angled inward (see image above).
STEP 2: Next create the hexagon, and glue all the joints together with the wood glue, and let dry for an hour.
STEP 3: Flip over the hexagon, and on the backside staple each  joint together with two staples. Let dry for 24 hours.
STEP 4: After it’s dry, sand any uneven corners.
STEP 5: Now is your chance to customize, I stained the outside with a Natural stain, and painted the inside yellow. Let dry.
STEP 6: Hammer nails in the wall that will be disguised in the corner of each hexagon, or use bracket to hang each shelf.




  1. sherry says:

    Love the colors an shapes. The plants are very cute.

  2. I love this! I’ve seen some pictures of these on pinterest and I’m obsessed!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. coeurdelisa says:

    Really cool shelves!

  4. Martina says:

    I love this DIY! it’s a good inspiration!

    Tartaruga a pois

  5. Liselle says:

    I love that this just uses 1 board of wood. Makes it so much easier. And the staple gun and glue are genius! No having to try and figure out how to nail on a diagonal with a hammer

  6. sharon says:

    So nice to share this diy. I really like this.

  7. Paige says:

    I love these shelves! I want to make some for my sons room! He has nothing hanging on his walls and these would be so perfect!


  8. Mihai says:

    Hi, I used some of your images in my last article on my blog and linked to your tutorial. Hope you wouldn’t mind.
    Have a nice day!

  9. Mackenzie says:

    Great work and thanks so much for the simple tutorial! I gotta make some triangles 🙂

    Mackenzie @

  10. Wow these are amazing!! When I saw the first picture I was going to ask where these are from but when I read that you made these I couldn’t believe it!!

    I will have to try this, just bought a house and these would look great inside it!!

    Clare |

  11. Betsy says:

    I couldn’t seem to find out what a minder saw is, but i did fine a miter saw…
    Is this a typo, or should i be looking for something else?

  12. Great alternative to shelves, enjoyed the tutorial!

  13. Sita says:

    I wish I had the tools and time to make these! They’re so adorable!!! 😀

  14. Ena says:

    These are so great. Love Love Love.
    Minimal and geometric shapes are my thing!

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