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If you are looking to just dip your toe in the halloween spirit pool, may I suggest some embellished cat and/or bear ears? They are an instant mood lifter, and are a simple way to ease into costume season.  Put your hair in the highest ponytail, à la Ariana Grande, and simply slide the combs towards the crown of your head for an instant animal makeover, bonus points if you pair with leopard print!


What You Need:
Hair Combs
Pliers and Wire Cutters
Loose Pearls

Get all the supplies in a Darby Smart kit HERE! 

What You Do for Cat Ears:
Step 1: With the gems, create the motif you want to add to the cat ears.
Step 2: Lay the gems flat with the colorful side facing down in a straight line that is in the motif that you decided on.
Step 3: Cover the backs of the gems in E6000 and let dry.
Step 4: Next, cut a piece of wire and string it through the holes in the gems, then bend the wire to make a point in the center.
Step 5: Wrap the ends of the wire around the hair comb and cut off the excess wire.
What You Do for Bear Ears: 
Step 1: Cut an 8” piece of wire and wrap one end around the last tooth of the hair comb.
Step 2: Next, string pearls on the wire. The more pearls to add, the larger the bear ears you will create.
Step 3: Wrap the end of the wire around the last tooth of the hair comb, opposite from the side you started on.
Step 4: Use the wire cutters to cut the excess wire.


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