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Now that my apartment is finally decorated and I can officially call it my home, I’m excited to start hosting dinner parties with all of my friends. I might not have the cooking under control for these dinner parties, but I can definitely bring in some DIY touches that will make everyone feel welcomed. A napkin ring is a great way to tie a place setting together and is an opportunity to bring in personalized details for each guest. For an upcoming dinner party I made these dip-dyed knotted napkin holders, which I can’t wait to add to the table! I picked up some cotton rope at the craft store, which works perfect because it’s versatile for holding different knots, and the material also absorbs color well to create something bold. These will definitely be the talk of your gathering!  Check out the video below for the steps, and all the supply details after the break.


What you need:
Cotton rope (both thin and thick sizes)
Super glue 
Fabric dye

What you do:
Step 1: Cut a 4′ piece of thin cotton rope and a 2.5′ piece of the thick cotton rope.
Step 2: Place the thin rope on the inside of the thick rope and use a clip at the top to secure the two together. Lay the rope on a flat surface to begin braiding.
Step 3: Take a strand of the thicker rope, lace it over then under the other strands and pull through. Continue doing this until the rope runs out, alternating between the two sides.
Step 4: Once you have run out of rope, unclip the rope at the top and pull the loose strands at the bottom through the center loop at the top and tie together.
Step 5: Cut off any excess rope that you may have and add a little super glue to hold it together.
Step 6: Then mix your dye in a bowl and dip your napkin ring. If you want a more intense color, leave the rope in the dye for a longer time.
Step 7: Let the dye dry before you insert your napkins.

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  1. Michelle says:

    That is so cool! Could be easily worn as a bracelet as well, what do you think?

  2. sherry says:

    Love the napkin holders. Really nice. You forget to include date and time. I can bring the wine.

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