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If you’ve been following along, we covered a little look into my morning and afternoon, now onto my evening heading out to a HP and Project Runway party!
And stay tuned, because the pot of gold at the end of this story is a HP Envy x 2 laptop giveaway! 

After picking out my outfit for the evening, it was time to add on the jewelry. I am a big fan of the bracelet stack, and went with my go-to look: DIY Heart Bracelet (I wear this most days), DIY chain bracelet, and my Coach watch.  Next onto the neck, I have such a crush on this DIY Triangle Necklace. I love that it is a statement necklace without being too much of a statement, you know what I mean?

I have to admit,  I am horrible at makeup, my ideal look is a Summer glow, some mascara and little lip gloss. But in the winter, I try to step up my game to put a little life in this pale face.  I’ve been turning to the YouTube pros to learn how to get a cat eye and that perfect statement lip, which has become my staple look for the season. 
With outfit, makeup and jewelry set, I head out the door for a quick walk over to the party. Can we just talk about how it finally stays light till 7:00? Happy Dance. 
To celebrated the HP/Project Runway collab episode, all the party attendees were given their own draping challenge. I bit of a panic came over me, not sure what to create,  I channeled the most fashionable person I could think of: Ms. Carrie Bradshaw.  
My end result! I later added my DIY Triangle Necklace to complete the look, and I think it helped me seal the deal as winner of the challenge (pays to be a DIYer). The prize: an HP Envy x 2 laptop that one of you will soon have! Thanks HP and Style Coalition for a super fun collab, and thanks to for following along on an “I Spy Day”!
Photographed by | Lydia Hudgens 
My Outfit | HP Skirt, Free People jacket, Rebecca Minkoff bag

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