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The holidays are here!

I’ve made a couple additions to the studio to welcome friends stopping by the space who are looking to get into the holiday spirit. I don’t feel right if I don’t greet guests with a place to kick their feet up, and have a little something for them to snack on. Since I’m all about DIY resourcefulness, I usually look for some creative ways to stretch my budget during the holiday season. I have been saving up Membership Rewards® points from American Express all year, and thought this would be the perfect time to use them on supplies for my family’s handcrafted gifts and a few studio upgrades to welcome my guests. There is nothing better than finding fantastic holiday gifts for your loved ones while also saving a few bucks! First up, I used Membership Rewards points to purchase this little stool for the studio, but ended up loving the hairpin legs so much, I wanted them front and center. After a little DIY surgery, the legs found a new home under an Ikea top to create a new coffee table.

Now that I have a place for friends to gather around, it’s time to feed them!I’ve had these wood cheese boards for a while now (similar to the ones that can be found here) but with a little color and chalkboard paint, they got the ISpyDIY touch. Steps and supplies after the break…

Add your favorite cheese, and you have a delicious spread and taste test conversation starter for your guests to enjoy. You can use points for just about everything, including the best present ever…Wisconsin cheese (gotta support the home state)!

At the end of the holiday festivities I can keep using points for all those unforeseen charges I incurred—like the extra bottles of wine I bought at the last minute. Can’t run out of that!

How would you use Membership Rewards points from American Express to spruce up your holiday décor for parties and guests?

What you need:
Cheese board
Acrylic Paint
Chalkboard Paint
Painters tape

What to do:
Tape off an area of your board, paint a color, remove tape and let dry.
Create a chalkboard stripe by taping off an area and paint. Let dry.
Jot down the cheese type with chalk and serve. Done!

I was selected by American Express to help educate consumers about how to use Membership Rewards points. As such I was paid for my services, but all items selected and opinions about the Membership Rewards are my own.




  1. These are amazing! I love the colors combined with the chalkboard!


  2. sherry says:

    Very festive idea. Merry Christmas

  3. Trangscorner says:

    How inspirational this post is!
    Love from

  4. Ceciel says:

    Really love this idea!! It looks so pretty and something yo would buy in a store!

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