GIFT GUIDE | Cheeky Valentine’s Day



For some reason this year I am super hyped on Valentine’s Day, I think it might be because I am throwing a big party at the studio, so am getting a little obsessed with decorating and getting the space looking just right for all my friends to see.  I would consider myself a sentimental kinda girl when it comes to collecting memories from times with people I love (I still have a box of every movie stub) but not really mushy, lovey kinda girl. I much rather prefer a great laugh, so I collected some of my favorite Valentine-ish gifts that would perfect for that person who loves a little bit of fun in their life, because that what it’s should be all about, riiiiiight 🙂

1. Heart Eye Emoji Stamped Necklace by The Urban Smith – I LOVE my handstamped jewelry from The Urban Smith, I get so many compliments on it, and I can guarantee the owner of (my favorite) emoji necklace will too!
2. Heart Marquee from Michael’s – What says love more then a heart in lights?!? Brighten anyone’s day with this light-up heart sign (currently 40% off)
3. Let’s Make Out Pillow on Etsy – Best way to get what you want is to be direct, then put it on a pillow.
4. Hey Girl Ryan Gosling Card on Etsy – Hey Girl, what better gift can you get for V-Day then The Gos? Answer: Nothing.
5. Jay & Bey Card from Urban Outfitters – Taking notes from a couple you can’t help but love.
6. Slice of Heaven Card from Urban Outfitters – A handwritten hard featuring PIZZA! Just when I thought nothing could beat Ryan Gosling.
7.  Bitter Sweet Candy Heart pins from Emerging Thoughts – Pins that add a little sass to your traditional conversation hearts #yup
8. Elephant Trunk Shakers from Modcloth – Honestly, how cute…this gift will definitely elicit an “awwwwwww”
9. Love is in the Air from Minted – A cute little reminded that love is also in the air!




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