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Molly here and I am back with an all new DIYer’s Guide! Is it just me or do you also feel like you live your best life when your nails are done? It’s like I’m unstoppable while rocking a fresh coat of polish and some pushed back cuticles. The first step to living a life as lustrous as a bottle of glitter polish is healthy nails, so I chatted with Aileen Allen, Nail Artist, and Cassidy Martin, from Julep (one of our fave nailpolish brands!), who shared their nail care tricks.

The Tool Box: Here’s what should be in your nail care arsenal, don’t manicure without them:
-A high quality fine grit nail file so your nails don’t shred when you file them.
-Cuticle softener to remove overgrown cuticles, get rid of stains, and is a great prep to make polish last longer.
-A quick dry coat is great for anyone on the go because it drastically reduces the time it take for the polish to dry, which means more time for DIYing!

You Gelly? If there’s one thing that can stand up against the wear and tear that a DIYer’s nails go through it’s a gel manicure. Unfortunately gel polish is very drying and manicurists can really rough up your nails before applying the polish, which will weaken them. If you simply can’t resist a long lasting gel mani, be sure not to peel off your own gel, no matter how tempting it is (we’re definitely guilty of this and have the weak nail beds as proof!).

Step-by-Step: Become the queen of at-home manicures with these simple steps. First, do all your clipping and shaping on dry nails. Then soak your hands in warm, soapy water to soften the cuticles. Gently push back the cuticles where needed and buff away excess dry skin around your cuticles. Put a little soap and water on a nail scrubbing brush or old toothbrush and scrub your nails to make sure there aren’t any dust particles or oil on them. Dry off your nails completely, then use a great protective base coat before polishing.

Born This Way: Nails that don’t peel, split, or break are signs that they are healthy. Sometimes the strength of your nails depends on good genes, but taking keratin vitamins will strengthen them over time. You won’t see results right away as the nail plate takes 6 months to grow, but for more immediate results the ladies at Julep recommend Oxygen Nail Treatment to enhance the length and strength, and prevent breakage.

From Top to Bottom: Make sure that your manicure is nourishing from top to bottom by always using base and top coats. Base coat will protect nails from staining and works like double-sided sticky tape to help bond the polish to the nail plate safely. Top coat protects your mani, helps reduce chipping, makes your polish really pop—especially glitter polish!

Paint Like a Pro: Aileen and Cassidy suggest applying coats of nail polish as thinly as possible to allow even drying. Start two-thirds of the way down your nail in the middle and push the polish up to create a good cuticle line, then pull it down, left, and right. Make sure to cover the tip of your nail with at least one coat of your color (this is called capping the free edge).

Trending: Gone are the days of a simple red manicure. To amp up your nail style, gather your polishes and tools, and try these latest trends:
-Negative Space Art: Incorporate the natural color of your unpainted nails with a pop colorful polish to create this interesting combo.
-Simple Designs: This is a chic way to complement any style or outfit without drawing too much attention to your fingers. Add polka dots with a dotting brush or stripes with striping tape to try your hand at this trend.
-Flip Side Mani: Adding a hint of color to the underside of your nail is an unexpected way to personalize your manicure.

If you have any nail care tips of your own, leave them in a comment below!




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