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It’s Molly again, back with another installment of the DIYer’s Guide. This time we’re tackling the complexities of creating that perfect five minute outfit, giving you one less reason to be tardy! ispydiy_lizzibeth_slider2

We’ve all hit the snooze button one too many times or spent a little too long battling with our liquid eyeliner, but whatever the excuse is, we’ve all found ourselves running behind schedule without anything to wear. Instead of reaching for the panic button, take some stylish cues from Lizzi Weasler when it comes to the perfect five minute outfit. Lizzi is the owner and stylist of the Milwaukee-based clothing boutique, Lizzibeth, which caters to fashionable ladies on the go. She also hosts events in the boutique after hours, so she knows a thing or two about remaining fashionable under pressure. I stopped by her store to check out her favorite current trends and get her tips on the art of the “5 Minute Outfit”.

Back to Basics…Combining basic items from your closet and sticking to a single color palette, like black and white, can create an easy, pulled together look. Below are the outfits that Lizzi swears by:

-A pair of dark denim, neutral colored tee, and blazer can take you from work to play by trading simple jewelry for bold accessories as soon as you clock out.

-Dresses are also a great, time-saving choice. With a black dress you can layer button downs underneath, whip a jacket over the top, or throw on a scarf or jewelry for a little embellishment.

-The easiest bottom to work with are black denim skinnies. They are so easy to toss on and top off with any colored or printed shirt. Black goes with everything so having a sleek basic on the bottom allows you to focus more time on a shirt to complete the look.


Tried and True vs Brand New…While we give major props to outfit innovators, when you’re in a race against the clock go with outfits that you’ve worn before. Not only do you know that the items go well with each other, but you’ll feel comfortable wearing them. By adding new shoes or jewelry, you can make the outfit feel new even if you’ve worn it a thousand times before.

Plan Ahead…Whenever you find yourself with some extra time in your schedule, use it to put together some outfits for a later day. Gather and sort your items, and use cascading hangers to group the looks together so that whenever you’re in a rush, your pre-planned outfits will be in one place.


One Hit Wonders…Time management is key when it comes to last-minute outfits. In order to keep you moving quickly, try playing two, upbeat songs while you get ready. The music will indicate how much time has passed so that you don’t have to keep looking at the clock. When the final song starts to wind down, it’s your cue to grab your tote and head out the door! (Trythis playlist next time you find yourself in a time crunch (or in need of a dance party!).


Always Remember…According to Lizzi, “Confidence is the best accessory that you can put on.” No how crunched for time you are, rocking your five minute morning outfit with confidence makes it seem like you spent hours getting ready!

Do you have any tips or tricks when it comes to 5 minute outfits? Share them below and don’t forget to follow Lizzibeth on Instagram at @shoplizzibeth and stop by her boutique to shop these looks!





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