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I’m stoked to share my latest creation inspired by a cute mushroom lamp I stumbled upon at a mid-century modern vintage store. The only problem? It was out of budget for my friend’s office makeover project. With just a few simple supplies – glass bowls, spray paint, and puck lights – I was able to create a mushroom lamp that turned out absolutely adorable.



1. Use painters tape to tape the outside edges of the vase and bowl. Pro tip: It really helps to wrap a plastic bag, like one from a grocery store, around the outside of the vase and bowl, underneath the tape. It helps make sure no overspray gets on the exterior of the bowl or vase.

2. Place glass bowl and cylinder vase in a well ventilated and covered area for spray painting. Spray paint both the inside of the bowl and the inside of the vase using the sea glass spray paint or spray paint (color of your choice). Spraying just the inside helps avoid chipping of the paint on the exterior. The bowl and vase may need two coats of spray paint to cover fully. Pro Tip: It helps to spray light coats so you don’t get drips.

3. Once paint is dry, use glue on the bottom of the vase and attach to the inside bottom of the bowl to the bottom of the vase. Make sure the top is centered on the base, moving it around will remove the paint from the glass. Allow it to dry and cure fully, about 1 hour. 

4. Once glue is fully dry, adhere puck light to the inside of the vase by dropping the light down into the vase with the adhesive backing pulled off. Press with hand (if it fits!) or a wooden spoon to adhere the puck light to the top.

5. Turn light right-side up and use the remote to turn light on and off.

I was amazed at how this budget-friendly DIY project turned out. I love that it’s a conversion starter! Plus, the warm and soft glow from the puck light creates a cozy ambiance, making the space feel inviting and comfortable. Don’t be afraid to get creative and customize your mushroom lamp to match your style and color preferences.

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