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I am back home in the Midwest and prepping for my NY besties to visit for the 4th of the July holiday!   I am stoked for their first visit to Wisconsin, and can’t wait to give them the full experience: watersports, grill outs, brats, beer, and a whole lot of cheese! I am also gathering my red, white and blue duds for the day. What are you doing to celebrate and will you be wearing any DIY patriotic attire?
Inspiration photos by: Tommy Ton




    1. I agree with you, Laura! It is very nice indeed. Stripes are one of my favorites! 🙂

      Check this out!

  1. Elle B. says:

    I love the decorated cuffs! Cool inspiration!:)
    xx Elle

  2. Stephanie X says:

    LOL the second photo is funny. It looks like the flag of The Netherlands 😀
    xx Stephanie (

  3. Oh cute little details make the world go round!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  4. Rachelle says:

    great red white and blue inspirations.


  5. I really like that these are small enough details, but speak volumes without going overboard!

  6. Not American, so I won’t be celebrating the 4th – but I love the red, white + blue! So nautical looking. Love the white and blue boatneck with the red blazer!

    Enjoy your holiday!

    Alex from

  7. Maria G. says:

    I’m having a very simple yet fun barbecue with my family and we decided we would be wearing Fourth of July caps. One of the best things I love about Fourth of July is that the family can get together and even wear the same attire. It’s pretty exciting!

  8. Tina says:

    Even though I am Canadian, I have to say I love the red-white-blue combination for dressing. There is something so nautical about it! Thanks for sharing and happy fourth 😉

  9. Cams says:

    I love the details on the hems and the red white and blue tags in the backs of the shoes. The detail on the back of the ankle cropped pants are my favorites, they look amazing and fun. I also loved the ring combination shown at the top, its a gorgeous detail.

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