DIY Cyanotype Wildflower Art


I was waiting for some sun to try out my Sunprint Kit to create and let me tell you, this DIY is for everyone! This kit creates cyanotype art, which is a photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print This process is all the things: fun, exciting, rewarding, and easy enough for a beginner. And you get a custom piece of art at the end!

I shared some of my trials & errors (forgetting to take the film off the acrylic cover…) over on @ispydiy IG in my SUNPRINT highlight! And the steps after the break!

What you need

First, arrange your flowers on a piece of Sunprint paper out of the sun. The process starts once the paper hits the sun, so it worked best to arrange in the shade (you don’t need a dark room or anything that intense).


  • Factor in the shadows! Any spot shaded from the sun will turn white.
  • Press your flower flat with the acrylic sheet (after you take off the film). This will keep the wind from moving it.
  • Delicate, defined flower stems worked best for me!

Place the acrylic pressing sheet on top to flatten and hold your items close to the Sunprint paper.

Take your Sunprint outside and lay it in direct sunlight for 2-5 minutes. I found 3 minutes to be a sweet spot. The areas of the paper exposed to the sun will fade from blue to white-ish. When most of the color disappears from the paper, your print has been fully exposed. If there is no direct sun, just expose your print longer, between 5-20min depending on how cloudy it is.

Rinse your Sunprint in water. Watch the white turn into blue and the blue turn into white. To get the deepest blue that the paper can give, leave it in the water for awhile: 1-5 minutes

Let dry! The paper curls a bit after drying. Place under a book to flatten. The color will get deeper, and more contrast will appear as it dries!


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