Barnhouse Living-Room Refresh | New Striped Wallpaper!

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New Living-room Look with Striped Wallpaper

This the ever-evolving living room at the Barnhouse! This space has seen its fair share of transformations, and I’m thrilled I’ve finally reached a point where I absolutely adore it. A while back, we installed the green paneling to make the room feel cozier, and I’ve always had my heart set on adding some wallpaper above it. Well, I’ve designed one for my new collection with Chasing Paper that complements the paneling perfectly. It’s the Oat/Cream version of Tulip Ticking Stripe, get your sample here!

Last week I shared the bolder Navy version of this wallpaper, which I used in the bathroom. This one is a tad more subtle, and what I really love about it is that it combines the classic stripe pattern with a charming floral detail. After installing it, the result? A living room that’s bursting with pattern play!

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Let’s chat about my design process for a moment. I’ve always believed in layering textures and patterns to create a space which is visually engaging, yet still calming. This room exemplifies that philosophy. It’s brimming with patterns, but it manages to maintain a serene vibe, while delivering just the right amount of visual interest.

In addition to the wallpaper, I’ve made a few other updates in the living room. We brought in this plaid rug, which is incredibly soft, and ties in beautifully with the room’s color palette. Plus, it’s perfect for transitioning into the fall season and adding some cozy plaid vibes into the space.

Sectional Recommendation

Next up, we swapped out our sofa. Our beloved $25 Pottery Barn leather couch fell victim to our puppy’s chewing phase, but it worked out in the end because we were on the hunt for a sectional for the whole family to cozy up on movie nights. And let me tell you, this new sofa is goooood! It’s SUPER comfortable, classic shape, and the price point is just unbeatable. I can’t recommend it enough.

Adding Warmth with Cedar Beam & Bamboo Blinds

To add some extra texture to the room, we also introduced bamboo blinds. These are my go-to bamboo blinds, and they provide that perfect touch of natural texture.

Lastly, we gave the living room an extra dose of warmth by adding wood around the header to mimic a wrapped beam. Mr. Yolo worked his magic with pieces of cedar, mitering the corners, and wrapping it. I’m really loving the additional wooden element it brings to the space. I’m still debating whether to apply some oil to darken it a bit, but for now, I’m just going to enjoy it as is.

I have to say, I absolutely adore this view. Standing by the fireplace and gazing back at the stairs with the gallery wall, the wood door, the wood beam, and that delightful wallpaper – it’s a visual feast! The only change I’m currently considering is painting the trim of the stairs, perhaps in a blue or sage green. What are your thoughts on that? Let me know! Shopping links are below.

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