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Like I have said in the past, I somehow manage to kill every plant I come into contact with…something about watering? Always slips my mind. But succulents are the one plant I have been able to keep in my apartment (full disclosure: my current ones were a house warming gift from my Mom…who took care of the potting). So when the girls from The Sill offered to stop by and teach me how to make my own succulent garden, I could not pass up the chance to improve my black thumb. The mega bonus, if you don’t want to get your hands dirty, the The Sill will deliver potted plants anywhere in NYC and BK (way better then getting flowers, in my opinion) and they also sell some amazing planters and accessories online. So first get the steps after the break, then check out their amazing site

With the amazing founder of The Sill, Eliza and their botanist Lisa. 
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What you need: 
Succulents (3-4) 
Lava Rocks
Horticulture Charcoal 


What to do: 
(Steps 1 – 2 are only necessary when using a planter with no drainage)
-Layer approximately 1 inch of lava rocks to create drainage. You can use any kind of rocks for this, but lava rocks are great as they are light weight and provide aeration.
-Cover the lava rocks with a thin layer of horticultural charcoal. This helps prevent root rot, improves drainage, and absorbs harmful contaminants.   
-Create a 3rd layer with soil. Pack the soil down a bit – so that it’s not so loose that water runs right through to the bottom but not so tight that the water cannot filter through. 
-Prepare plants for potting. Remove them from their plastic containers and gently squeeze the base of the roots to loosen them.  
-Place the plant in the container and fill the surrounding area with soil.
-Pack the soil in so that it’s evenly spread across the top – again, not too loose or too tight.  
-Use a soil topper such as sand to put the finishing touches on your succulent garden. 

Care Instructions: 
Sunlight – Bright Light. Tolerates medium light in winter. Not suited for intense direct light.
Water – Once a week. Twice a week during hot summer months. Overwatering will lead to rot. 
Temp – Average Humidity and temperature.

PHOTOS BY | Lydia Hudgens 




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