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A couple months back at Renegade Craft Fair, I stopped by the The Urban Smith’s booth and fell in love with the jewelry, and was stoked to find out that the designer, Molly, was just as cool as her pieces. The State Stamped Necklace, and Engraved Twitter ring were a must for me! After shopping and gabbing until closing time, we decided to set up a DIY date in her hometown during San Fran’s Renagade Fair. Fast forword to a couple weekends ago, out in Cali, I had the most lovely afternoon lunching with Molly, and got the expert tips and tricks on how to hand stamp like a pro! 

Pro tip: Molly’s stamp of choice is this 36 piece TEKON set. The case keeps your letters/numbers organized for quicker stamping! 
Pro tip:  To get your letters to line up use tape! Details after the break…
Buy it here: State Necklace, Name Plate Necklace, Engraved ring 

What you need: 
Stamping Set 
Chain with clasp
What you do: 
Tape your charm to the anvil, making sure the the edge of the tape is straight across your charm. The bottom of your tape will be where the top of your letters land.
Next take your first letter stamp, and abutt the top of the letter to the tape.
Hit hard, once, directly with the hammer to stamp.
Continue with your next letters making sure that each time the top touches the tape. This will make sure they stay in a straight line.
Add your chain and clasp with jewelry pliers.
How insane is this luggage tag! My address was later stamped on…so chic!

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