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A few days before 2015, I shared some DIY New Years Eve Party ideas and hinted at an on air tutorial in the future…if you follow along with @ispydiy on instagram, you saw that I got the super cool opportunity to show my NYE projects on Good Morning America! Woot! The whole thing was a bit of a whirlwind. I got the call when I was in Florida for Xmas with my family, and GMA wanted me to be on the show the day before New Years Eve (also the day I was supposed to fly to Mexico). A changed flight, multiple trips to Party City, and an awesome Mom who helped me stuff confetti balloons later, we had the ideas for the show ready to go! The morning of the show was a whirlwind times ten! I got up at 4am to get ready, a car came to get me in the absolutely pitch black, and off I went to the Time Square studio for rehearsals. After going over my lines with the producer and practicing the balloon pop (whew, happy that worked out), I got hair and make-up touch ups, of course took some selfies, then went back to the green room to drink way too much coffee…which is clearly the best thing to do when you’ve had a couple hours of sleep before appearing on national television…In a bit of a caffeine haze, I hear Ryan Seacrest’s voice, and assumed it was one of his many shows on a TV, then realized he was standing in the hallway outside the greenroom I was in…and in that moment I started thinking, should I get up and say hi Ryan Seacrest? But he was quickly whisked away for his pre-New Years Eve in Time Square segment. Next time Ry, next time. More coffee. Cut to 15 minutes before I go on air, I head up to the studio, meet Dan Harris, the anchor for the segment (and total DIYer, haha), quick go over the projects before hearing “On-Air in one minute”. Here we go. Honestly, I love the rush of being on live TV, its always a little nerve wracking when demonstrating projects…balloon please pop, balloon please pop… but it’s just so exciting! And then,  exactly 3 minutes later, it’s over. All the people behind the camera clap for you, and tell you that you did a great job, and you can finally breath normal. It’s pretty fantastic. And I think the segment turned out pretty darn good, and you can absolutely use these ideas for any party you throw this year, because confetti balloons are ALWAYS a good idea!  Press play below to check it out 🙂

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