24 Ceiling Lights for Under $100


After finding a boob light at the house Mr. Yolo renovated, I went on a mission to get rid of those outdated lights in our homes. Then I challenged you all to do the same #booblightchallenge! See some crazy installations in my BOOBLIGHT highlight on @ISPYDIY Instagram. They are everywhere!! So I rounded up some of my favorites ceiling light that are $100, most under $50. I have #1- #7 in a bunch of room in our houses, they are my go-to lights! Links after the break…

1. Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Light (and in Silver)
2. Schoolhouse Modern Industrial Farmhouse Ceiling Light 
3. Vintage Metal Class Ceiling Light
4.  Vera Pendant Light, Brushed Brass/Amber
5. Farmhouse Metal Rustic Ceiling Lights (Set of 2)
6. 15” Industrial 3-Light Vintage Metal Cage Ceiling Light
7. Antique Bronze Finish Ceiling Light
8. Pathson Industrial Brass Ceiling Light
9. Clear Glass Shade Brass Ceiling Light
10. Kira Home Zurich 12” Rustic Farmhouse Ceiling Light
11. Glass Industrial Ceiling Lamp
12. LED Flat Ceiling Light

Add some thin vinyl tape to customize your schoolhouse light! (Light #1)

13. Fivess Antique Light
14. Globe Electric Harrow Light
15. Tangkula Globe Ceiling Light
16. Pathson Modern Ceiling Light Fixture with White Glass Shade
17. Opal Glass Schoolhouse Fixture
18. Globe Ceiling Light, Semi-Flush Mount
19. Retro Brass Mini Metal Cage Ceiling Light
20. Golden Lighting Flush Mount
21. Archeology Industrial Ceiling Light
22. GetInLight LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture
23. EUL Modern Glass Ceiling Light
24. Modern Globe Ceiling Light




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