MY DIY | Neon Tassel Bracelets

After seeing one of my fave fashion bloggers Beth Jones sport this outfit, I had to make a bunch of neon tassels asap to hang off my summer totes, and add to chain bracelets.  Details on making your own after the break! 

What you need: 
Neon Embrodery floss
Small Jump rings
Large Jump rings
Lobster clasp
Jewelry Pliers

What to do:
First, make your tassels by wrapping the string around two of your fingers
Pull off your fingers and put your jumpring through the middle of the string loops and close jumping.
Wrap a piece of string just below the large jumpring and double knot.
Cut the bottom of the loops to make the tassel.
Trim the bottom so ends are even.
Next, make your bracelet by added adding a lobster clasp to the end of your chain with the smaller jumpring.
Attach the tassels with the smaller jump rings.
Make a million tassels!