MY DIY | Dotted Denim Skirt






I’ve done some bleach dip dying in the past, but never bleach dotting, so I gave it a try and was happily surprised at how easy it is! I was a little nervous on how the dots would turn out, so started with a black denim skirt and then armed myself with every form of bleach on the market for testing. My pick: a bleach gel pen works amazing. Using a ruler, it was easy to measure spacing and create controlled dots. The double pattern was happy mistake. I was testing out different spacing, and ended up digging the end result. Polka dots on the front, and caffeinated polka dots on the back! Steps and supplies after the break…

PHOTOS BY | Jessica Kaminski 


What you need:
Black Denim skirt
Bleach gel pen 

What to do:

Lay your denim skirt flat, then make a line of dots with your bleach pen each an inch apart. Practice on a piece of paper making small dots with the pen.
Continue dotting rows on your skirt, each row an inch apart.
Let sit for 10 min.
Using your Q-tips, remove any excess bleach on each dot.
Flip to the reverse side and repeat.
Try making the space between the dots smaller on the back, for a new twist on the polkadot trend!
Hand wash the first time in cold water.
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