Jewelry Storage | Bracelet bottle

As I’m organizing and decorating my room at my new apt, I love how the little things can make all the difference. Where once was a mess of bracelets, now is a clean display featuring one of my favorite things in life…a little bubbly. On the topic of bracelets, have you picked up my Chloe + Isabel collab yet??




  1. Love this idea! Almost as much as I love a glass of Prosecco… 😉

  2. Andrea says:

    Great idea!! I guess I’ll have to open a bottle of bubbly quite soon. 😉
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  3. Isabel says:

    Cool idea! It’s a great idea for me to, I mean like my room’s a mess right now.

  4. OMG! So helpful! Thank you so much! xx

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  5. Adeola Naomi says:

    AMazing and beautiful!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    no, we have not picked up your bracelet, because it is insanely easy for us to make ourselves at a fraction of the price.

  7. Bat Ma'am says:

    That makes me think “DUH how did I not think of this!!??” I have the perfect bottle xD

  8. Hollis says:

    I have two perfect bottles for this sitting in my room! But of course they were filled with sparkling lemonade 🙂 Great Idea

  9. Anonymous says:

    I love this idea.

  10. Elisa says:

    Yieks this idea is awesome, would be the perfect display or the bracelets I made recently {}.

    Easy bracelet d.i.y.’s like mine need to be displayed on easy d.i.y. jewellery holders 😉 Don’t you think?

    <3 Elisa

  11. Anonymous says:

    Must purchase a bottle of wine, then turn into a jewelry holder.

  12. Gina Cecelia says:

    Love that idea!! I am always looking for new ways to store my jewelry !!!

  13. Mint Gal says:

    Love this idea!

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  14. Another good idea to hold bracelets are decorated paper towel tubes…

    ~Clarissa Rivers
    {I’m an inventor, and a fashion blogger too!}

  15. Katy Lapekas says:

    What an amazing idea! It´s the perfect excuse to drink a (beautiful) bottle of wine with friends! Thanks!!!!

    besos, kate

  16. Yak Man says:

    great inspiration! :O

  17. Lily Razz says:

    what a great idea! So easy and never thought of it! Thank you!!!

  18. I just did the exact same thing!! love it

    xo Jackie

  19. Erin says:

    What a creative idea to keep everything together! If you get a sec I’d love to hear your thoughts on my latest posts!


  20. rousmina says:

    Oh, what a good idea!!

  21. Ría says:

    I really could use some of my old bottles!

  22. Disha says:

    Such a simple but perfect idea! Definitely something I’m going to do when I move back into my dorm room :))

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