DIY MAKEOVER | Wooden Pineapple Bowls






Whenever I see pineapple wooden bowls, the memory of my Mom filling them with snacks to have all the ladies over for cards immediately comes back to me. Knowing my current obsession with the fruit, after my parents packed up my childhood home a month ago, my Mom made sure to save these for me! As much as I looooooove snacks, as soon as I saw the pair again, I knew wanted to paint them, and have them hold office supplies on my desk. The plan was to photograph the steps, but I just started painting and playing around with different patterns, next thing I knew they were done. I am lovin’ the final result!



What you need:
Wooden Pineapple bowl
Paint Brushes
Painters tape

What to do: 
Paint your bowl with white to start with a blank canvas
Get creative with your colorful paint!
TIP: If you bowl has a shiny surface, use sandpaper to dull first so the paint sticks





  1. I love the pineapple trend, these bowles are so cute!

  2. Deborah says:

    That is soo cute, I have to try it.

  3. Paige says:

    Why do pineapples have to be the cutest and trendiest thing ever! I love this DIY!


  4. Jenni, this is so cool!
    Love the makeover! The bowls look like new, I would never guess in the beginning they were regular wooden things!
    I am getting obsessed with pineapples too, should make a DIY!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Why Buy? DIY!

  5. Karina Zenteno says:

    I love it! they look so cute and would love to try this diy! now I just have to find wodden pineapple bowls!

  6. sherry says:

    I want my wooden bowls back. So cute. I am having company next week. Would love to show them off.

  7. oh my god…….OMG!! what is it here???

    Guys, They are soooooo adorable!!!! Love’em!!
    Cool idea. I can’t believe you can just transform old junks into something like this. It is really inspiring. Love to see that the people are getting creative ideas and going recyclable all the way!!

  8. Sarah says:

    I preferred them unpainted, the colours chosen are naff imo.

  9. sharon says:

    Your bowls are adorable.

  10. Noma says:

    Such a fun DIY, I love it!
    XoXo from South Africa

  11. This is so adorable!

  12. I love everything pineapple-related!
    Your makeover is so great, they look amazing!! I wouldn’t imagine that they are made out of wood!

    Best Regards,
    Angelina Stroumpouli

  13. Rachel Ang says:

    Oh my gosh this is just the cutest thing!!!! very nice combo of patterns and nice colors!

    Rachel x

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