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This weekend I (once again) spent waaaaaay too much time on Buzzfeed and came across a list that summed up my teen years: “55 things only 90’s Teenage Girls Can Understand“. Brilliant, right? As I started reading through to the list I keep chuckling and thinking “That was SO me!”.  Sun-In, choker necklaces, Caboodles, CK One, dELiA*s…I was not just obsessed  with all 55 items on the list, I was obbbbsesssed. Even growing up in small-town Wisconsin, my girlfriends and I lived for staying up on the trends; I usually attempted to rock all of them at once, eeek. But regardless of how cliché those looks seem now, at the time I felt pretty rad rocking my chunky heeled shoes… baby T and floral slip dress…with my Angela Chase haircut….applying Bonnie Bell Doctor Pepper on repeat.  Fast forward to current day. Neon beanies are one of those treads that I am sure in 5 years will be absolutely over (and may make a Buzzfeed list), but every time I see a girl wearing one, walking down the street, I cannot help to think “damn she looks cool.”  So I resurrected my hot pink beanie from last season, bought two more in neon and happily rock them, because sometimes the fun of wearing something in the now outweighs the “what was I thinkings” later.

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