MY DIY | Thank You Cards






Inspired by a thank you card I received last week, I wanted to craft a few of my very own to send out when I needed to say “Thanks!”.  I set a challenge for this project: I could only use supplies already in my craft closet. I find my self buying more and more stuff for my studio, and am trying to use more of what I already have. I loved the idea of stamping, so took my X-acto blade to a couple pencil erasers, dipped it in ink and create my pattern on bristol paper. The words were created with a letter stampers for leather, creating delicate lines that compliment the small squares and circles. Finally, a little washi tape (my favorite) jazzed up the envelope.  Now if I could only find a stamp! Steps and supplies after the break… 


What you need:
Bristol Pad
X-acto Blade
Letter stamping set
Ink Pad
Washi tape

What to do:
First, cut the paper to the size of your desired card using the x-acto. Cut long enough to account for front and back when folded.
To create the fold, score the paper in the center by running the blade lightly across making sure not to cut through the paper.
Create your stamp by cutting the pencil eraser with the x-acto.
Stamp the front of your card with the eraser and add words with your letter stamps. Use a ruler to keep words straight. Let dry.
Decorate your envelope with washi tape. Done!