MY DIY | Super Distressed Denim Jacket

Taking the lead from the most fashionable ladies in the biz, I embarked on a denim distressing journey…sorry not just distressing, SUPER distressing.  This DIY is definitely for those with a chunk of time and a lot of patience, and maybe for those looking to get out a little aggression. The first part is the most fun; sanding, slicing, and beating up the jacket to give it the uber worn in look. Then came the pulling out of the threads. As I sat on my couch watching The Bachelorette, I mean…the news…putting out each individual one to expose the white strings, I wondering what I had gotten myself into. But, in the end, I was so stoked with the outcome, I immediately started on a pair of jean shorts. Click through for the step-by-step, and stay tuned for a whole mess more outfit photos tomrw!

ispydiy_denim_outfit5 copy


ispydiy_denim_outfit4 copy



Steps & Supplies after the break!
PHOTOS BY | Jessica Kaminski 

ispydiy_denim_jacket_0_supplies ispydiy_denim_jacket_1 ispydiy_denim_jacket_2 ispydiy_denim_jacket_3 ispydiy_denim_jacket_4 ispydiy_denim_jacket_5 ispydiy_denim_jacket_6     ispydiy_denim_jacket_Final

What you need:
AEO Jean Jacket
Box cutter

What to do: 
First, slice the shoulders and top back of your jacket in parallel lines with box cutter.
Cut line in the inner arm of your jacket the with the scissor.
Cut off the bottom hem.
Rough up all your cuts by rubbing with sandpaper.
Next wash and dry your jacket twice.
Finally, put out the individual blue vertical threads with your tweezer to revel the white threads. The first on can be difficult, but the one after that come out super easy!
This post is part of a DIY Denim collaboration with American Eagle. Thanks so much for supporting my amazing sponsors!