MY DIY | Speckled Wine Glasses








It’s not only Friday, it’s the Friday before Memorial Day! Today, I will be sitting at my desk, sipping wine out of my new DIYed wine glasses waiting for the weekend. I was looking for a new Summer wine (I am a spritzer fan during the hot months) and was super stoked to try Gia by Gia Coppola wines with it’s fresh taste and a little bit of sparkle. The packaging was so fun – the Pinot Grigio and Frizzante bottles are outfitted in my favorite pink & red color combination – so I want to create a cup to coordinate. This is my favorite kind of project, I love to put on a little music and pass the time be-speckling with a delicious wine in hand…happy place. I am planning to give the bottles of Gia by Gia Coppola wine and a set of glasses to my friend for hosting Memorial Day. Perfect, right? Start speckling! Steps and a Darby Smart KIT with all the supplies after the break!

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What you need:
Stemless wine glasses
Nail Polish – Red & Pink
Pointed Q-tips

Get all the supplies in a Darby Smart Kit HERE! 

What to do:
The steps are as simple as it looks! Just dab your glass with the two colors of nailpolish, and let dry. Hand wash.