MY DIY | Leaf Frame


Fall in New York is absolutely gorgeous! One of my favorite things to do is put on a comfy sweater, get a hot coffee, and wander around the city breathing the crisp air and taking in all the changing colors. Outside my window, a huge tree, once covered in green, has changed to a bright yellow, but now the leaves are quickly dropping. So I snagged a couple before they were gone to make a seasonal decoration, while also still sticking wtih the color theme in my apartment. See the steps after the break!


What you need:
Acrylic paint
Painters tape
Rowenta First Class Travel Iron
Wax Paper

What to do:
First, tape off  your frame with the painter’s tape creating a pattern. 
Next, pick your color palette and paint the white space.
Let dry, then peel off tape.
Then preserve your leaves by putting it in between two pieces of wax paper. Making sure the waxy sides are touching the leaf.
Run your First Class Travel Iron over the wax paper for a minute (works best if you put a towel under the two pieces of wax paper)
Then pull apart the wax paper, leaving your leaf with a wax covering that will help preserve it.
Next, arrange your leaves in the frame and display!