Our pilot episode of “My Flippin’ Friends” aired on HGTV today!!! Thank you SO MUCH for all the support leading up to this! These last two weeks have been insane, Milwaukee has rallied around us, and you could not turn on the News without seeing our faces, ha! Now we need you all: it’s time to bombard HGTV’s social media using the hashtag #MyFlippinFriends, so they give us a full season. Hopefully you loved the episode and will let them know! I wanted to share just a few images of the house in the first episode, but stayed tuned because I will be posting before/afters from the whole house, taking more about the process and pitfalls of each space, showing you step-by-steps of the DIY projects and linking to all the materials and decor.  Whew! Ok I am off to celebrate, or take a nap, but mostly celebrate! Thank you All!!!




My pilot is airing on HGTV!!! Watch “My Flippin’ Friends” on April 2nd!


I am  a bit delirious as I write this because after a year of keeping this secret, I finally get to announce that the home renovation pilot we filmed for HGTV, call My Flippin’ Friends, is airing on April 2nd, at Noon EST/11am CT!!! I shared the news on social media yesterday and am overwhelmed with the response. This has been a goal of mine for so long! Ever since starting I SPY DIY, I have been pitching the idea of a TV show, but never quite had the perfect idea, or the timing was off… and somehow through a series of random events this idea came together and we were fortunate enough to have HGTV love it enough to give us a pilot! Keeping this secret has been SO hard and I am elated that I finally get to say it out loud! It’s honestly surreal. I am SO proud of the pilot, the crew and production team are amazing, and made this insane process seem a little more normal. And my friends are beyond amazing, they had no idea what I was getting them into, and every one has handled it like a star, and they are so charismatic on TV 🙂  The dynamic between us is so fun, and I can’t wait for you all to see it!

Before I get ahead of myself, here is a little bit about the show: It’s about me and my four friends working together to buy and flip properties in our hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  In each episode, you’ll watch the team take on a new home for flipping.  Real estate broker and self-proclaimed group hall-monitor, Mike, will be responsible for presenting options. The team will walk through the potential homes together and by group vote, decide which project to tackle next.   Once we’ve selected a home, each team member will need to layout their plans of attack: Alan from a construction and build perspective, I head up the design team including Benji and Mallory to oversee the overall look and staging of each house, and Mike is in charge of the budget and listing the properties. The process unfolds from demolition, to build, to design, to staging and, eventually, sale. Together we manage all the stress that comes from flipping houses, plus the ups, downs and fun that comes along when working with friends! 

Here are a few Behind-the-Scene pics from the show!

The design team (Benji, Jenni and Mallory) thrifting for some wood for a DIY project. 

No pressure: Jenni just handling heavy machinery while being filmed!

Demo Day with the crew! 

The man with a plan and the money guy. These two make all my crazy ideas happen, or shoot them down because of “budget constraints”… My least favorite phrase. (Alan, Jenni, Mike)

Some of us are…vertically challenged, ha! (Jenni, Benji, Alan)


Ok, Now here is where we need you all! HGTV decides if we get a full series based off the response to the pilot, so PLEASE help us spread the word!

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Use the hashtag: #myflippinfriends

And THANK YOU for all your support throughout the years, this opportunity truly is a dream come true!



LIFE UPDATE & My Product Line in stores!



Hey all! It’s been a little bit since I’ve posted on the site, but if you have been following along on Instagram (and my new favorite Insta-story) I was in NYC for a week hosting some events, then LA for a couple weeks and then celebrating my birthday back home in Milwaukee (B-Day pic above, and thank you for the well wishes on social!). While in California I was beyond excited to visit my product line IN STORES!!! AHH!  I can’t believe the full line is now in 125 Aaron Brothers Stores! It was so crazy to see it set up in each spot, and I made sure to pop in 5 stores in LA to snap pics…and of course tell everyone passing by about these super cool supplies they just HAD to buy #winkwink. The stores are located all over the West coast and the South, check out if there is one near you!  And if not, you can always purchase here.  Yay!

I, honestly, had the best time visiting both coasts, after a winter in the Midwest, I needed a breath of fresh air. I spent time catching up with my forever friends, and meet up with some new friends from the DIY blogging world. I spent a little more time listening, and a little less time worrying. I spent amazing alone time wandering, exploring new neighborhoods, drinking too many coffees at cute shops, and snapping pics all along the way. I worked on feeling physically better by moving everyday. Trying boxing classes in NYC and taking the most fun hip-hop dance classes and tons of hiking in LA. Really understanding more about how much better I feel mentally when I take care of myself physically. Now that I am back, and have another birthday under my belt, I am trying to keep up the healthy lifestyle I had while traveling. I am back working on more room makeovers, which has been so fun and rewarding! Also, figuring out a posting plan…possibly posting less frequently, but with more DIYs that we are both excited about! And leaving the day-to-day content for social…bear with me while I figure it all out, and I promise to be back with more soon!

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