I gave you all a peek at my guest room makeover yesterday and promised I would share all the details on my DIY Map Dresser, so here we go! I initially had a desk in the space, but realized a dresser was way more practical because the guest room also serves as off-season clothes storage. I was searching for the perfect vintage piece, but was having trouble finding a piece that fit the space and my budget. So, I partnered up with Brother to create a custom faux map drawer using my favorite organizational tool: A label maker! You all are going to go crazy for the P-touch Cube. It lets you customize your labels on your phone with a ton of fonts and layout options, and then you can Bluetooth beam your design to the label printer– mind blown, right?! Ok, let’s back up and talk about making the dresser. This white four-door dresser fit the space perfectly, so I used that as a base, then made each large drawer look like 3 thin map drawers by screwing on strips of wood, then adding knobs and labels. You may have seen the process unfold on Instagram, and I had a fail when I attempted to make a no power tool version with balsa wood (a soft wood you can cut with a craft knife). It ended up being too flimsy, so I got out my miter saw and drill (side note: I was excited to hear how many of you wanted power tool projects on an IG poll). All the steps for the dresser are after the break!

ispydiy_mapdresser8  ispydiy_mapdresser4step3
Now on to the labels. I wanted to give the little pieces of paper an aged look, so I cut up card stock and soaked them in coffee grinds with a little water for 5 min. After taking them out and washing each one off, let them dry out. I designed each label on my phone, organizing each drawer by season and what I would be storing in them. The P-touch Cube can print on clear tape, so when each label was dry I peeled off the backing and stuck in right on my coffee-aged paper, and ta-da! Antiqued labels!

What do you all think? If you try this project I would love to see! Tag #ispymydiy or send me a pic on Instagram!
All the steps for the dresser are after the break! (more…)



ROOM MAKEOVER | My Guest Room + DIY Barn Wood Picture Ledge


My guest room makeover is done…for now! Ha! It’s funny how when we were shooting the HGTV pilot, I was able to stage this entire house in a day, but now it takes me 2 months to makeover one room. I’m sure it’s because the pressure is off, and I am trying to put things I truly love in the space. For all those that were following the process of putting up the board & batten wall treatment on IG, stay tuned because I will be doing a tutorial in another post AND tomorrow I will be showing you the steps for the faux map drawer dresser. Today, you’ll get all the credits and steps for one of my favorite parts of the room, the barn wood ledge that I made with Minwax! Pretty sure I will restyle that shelf once a week, but I wanted to show you it’s current state…well actually I have restyled it since taking these pictures…but is a room ever really done?!  Credit after each picture, if I miss anything, leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you with a source!

SHOP | Wall Color BEHR Hostaleaf Rejuvenation Pillow – Hobby Lobby Throw –  Brooklinen Twill Charcoal stripe sheets/pillowTarget ComforterTarget dish – Old Target Table – Similar Wayfair BedWorld Market Sconce  – Vintage books 

I had matching night stands, but wanted the room to feel a bit more eclectic, so switched them out for this little side table on one side, and a stump on the other (below). Since it’s a guest room, I was not too conserned with bedside storage.

SHOP | Amazon alarm clockTarget VaseAmazon Copper outlet plates

SHOP | Target Dresser (DIY coming) –  Target Globe West Elm CandleH&M Home VaseAmazon Wall hooks Target hanging frame – Vintage bottles + Art

First I had a desk in the space, but ultimately need more storage for off-season clothes, so gave a Target dresser a makeover to look like a map drawer (steps coming tomrw). I am super happy with how this corner of the room functions now. And I have a place to display the thrifted art I have been collecting!

And HOW BEAUTIFUL are these flowers! My friend Jamie from Sweven Floral arranged them for me and I wish I could freeze them in time!

SHOP | Colleen O’Connor landscape art Amazon light switchSchalge door handleHobby Lobby Throw – Coach cream purse – Sole Society bag

The room is tiny, but the ceiling is vaulted, to this wall is SUPER tall, and I thought it would be fun to have a big piece of art to show it off. I worked with Colleen O’Connor, and she cutomized this beautiful work of art for the room. She even used the wall color – BEHR Hostaleaf so it would tie together. I LOVE it!
I have been making a point to shop more at the amazing local boutiques popping up all over Milwaukee! The little pitcher and cup set are from Orange & Blue. You must stop in there!

SHOP | Similar World Market Mirror Similar Wayfair BedWorld Market Sconce– Pottery from Local shops – Vintage art 
I just love seeing the reflection of the art in the mirror when you walk in the room! And the wood I used as a shelf was such an amazing find. It’s an old piece of barnwood, full of nails and holes and so much character! And since the room is so small, I like that it did not stick out too far, and fit perfectly in the 6in brackets. Steps and supplies after the break…



DIY ORGANIZATION | Color-Coded Closet Makeover


ispydiy_closetcleanout2This year I have been organizing my home one room at a time, and it’s finally time to tackle the closet, yikes! I have always been guilty of stuffing my closet way too full with clothes, which makes it impossible to designate spots for everything (please refer to super embarrassing before photo). It was time for a major clean out, and time to implement an organizational system. Color-coding makes everything look prettier, so I gave my new baskets a makeover with Krylon® SUPERMAXX All-In-One in Gloss Hunter Green and Krylon COVERMAXX in Gloss True Blue, Gloss Classic Gray, and Satin Almond spray paint to help me remember what goes where. I’ll admit, I sleep with the closet doors open now, because the final result makes me grin ear-to-ear when I wake up. It’s SO MUCH easier to get ready, and folding laundry is much less daunting when everything has its color-coded spot. Here’s how I did it!

ispydiy_closetcleanout_BEFOREAFTERFirst lets address some of the problems:
1. My clothes would slip off the mismatched plastic hangers all the time creating a large pile of clothing on the floor of my closet.
2. All my T’s were stacked up on shelves, and when I would search for a specific one, the stack would turn into a pile…that would also end up on the floor
3. Speaking of piles…my shoes were in a giant, unmatched mound
4. My workout clothes would always get lost because they were mixed in with my other clothes, making the task of going to gym even more difficult.

Find out *The Solution!* after the break!   (more…)




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