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1. Cavern Home Tapestry
2. Tropical Pattern Wallpaper*
3. Geometric Flower Pattern Removable Wallpaper*
4Aimee Wilder Pina Sola Pineapple Wallpaper
5. Self adhesive vinyl wallpaper – Chevron pattern print*
6. Removable Wallpaper // Avocado Print*
ispydiy_wallpaper27. Summer Vibes Removable Wallpaper*
9. Delicate Herringbone Pattern Self Adhesive Temporary Wallpaper*
10. Self-adhesive Removable Wallpaper, Half Moon Black Wallpaper, *
11. Self Adhesive Removable Wallpaper “Geometric”*
12. Geometric Pattern Self Adhesive Removable Wallpaper A013*

Every wall of my childhood home was cover with the craziest wallpaper. It was pattern overload! There was no real color palette, and wallpaper that had no business being next to one another abutted at corners…it was a lot visually. And then the trend of all white walls came, and my parents painstakingly removed all the wallpaper in the house and stuck to neutral walls. Now we are seeing a resurgence of wallpaper, in a much more sophisticated way. Plus, the invention of removable wallpaper is a game changer! I am loving the look of a geometric patten as a statement wall surrounded by white, or a cheekier colorful print in small doses. Getting removable self adhesive paper gives you the freedom to easily take it down when you want to switch up the look of your space. I am already plotting which walls are going to get the pattern treatment at the new studio. Stay tuned! (Links to buy above, removable marked with a *)




  1. Lii says:

    I love the wallpapers! Especially the geometric ones, so cool!!

  2. Olivia Derby says:

    I am in love with that chevron print. Im so feeling wall papers right now.


  3. Michelle says:

    I just can’t decide which one I like best, they look all so interesting and wonderful!

  4. Paige says:

    I love all of these wall papers! They’re so pretty!


  5. Luzia says:

    Uhh I love the Avocado one! These ideas are so cute!
    Love, Luzia

  6. Luzia says:

    Uhh I love the Avocado one! These ideas are so cute!
    Love, Luzia

  7. Mimi says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this!! What lovely wallpaper choices.


  8. Julie says:

    Loving these! The pineapple one is amazing. Also love the geometric options!


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