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With magazines piling up at my apartment, I started searching online for a rack to hold them. I love, love, love the copper and print rack, so made my own version. Before we get to the DIY, I had to share some of my favorites from around the internet. Stay tuned for the steps tomrw!

1. INSPO: Hanger Magazine Holder 
2. DIY: DIY Copper Pipe Magazine Rack 
3. INSPO: Pipe Magazine Holder 
4. DIY: Hanging Magazine Storage
5. BUY: MagBag
6. BUY: Swiss Copper Magazine 
7. INSPO: Magazine Hanger
8. BUY: Mini Storage Rack
9. DIY: Wood Leather Magazine Holder
10. INSPO: Crate Storage 




  1. Holly smith says:

    wow, now I really wish I needed one of these ! The copper piping (number 2) and crate storage ( last one ) are my favourites! At first I never really understood the copper obsession but I am a changed women haha! I am now in love with it !!

    Holly X

  2. Michelle says:

    I especially love number 1, 2 and 4. I am curious about what you will do out of this inspiration!

  3. LilusVoyage says:

    Great post!
    love these ideas! very neat and classy!
    have a wonderful day:)

    Lilu’s Voyage

  4. Sherry Lou says:

    These all look awesome. My fav is #5! The Magbag! Love how cute the bag looks and how easy it is to slide a bunch of magazines in there without much effort. Thanks for sharing these great magazine storage ideas!

    Sherry Lou

  5. Helen White says:

    Love the crate on wheels. Thanks.

  6. Keisha says:

    What fantastic ideas! I really love the hanger magazine holder…very creative.

    Keisha xo

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